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International Secondary School Eindhoven

Introduction Marcella Watts
The International School Eindhoven officially started operation on the 1st January 2009.
It falls under the umbrella organisation of the Stichting Internationaal en Lokaal Funderend Onderwijs (SILFO), an educational foundation with three sites. Two of the sites are Dutch national secondary schools serving the needs of the local community; these form the Stedelijk College Eindhoven.

In September 2013 the school took up residence at the current school on the Oirschotsedijk. The school is on a very large property in a green area of the city.   The buildings are a Dutch historical monument, the Constant Rebecque Kazerne, an old army barracks.

The vision for the ISE is to provide support for all expatriates in the Eindhoven regions.

We strive to be:
  • a place where Dutch and expatriate children, families and staff work together with a focus on cultural understanding,
  • an educational and social-cultural centre for the expatriate and Dutch community,
  • a school which provides exceptional international education, in all aspects of its functioning, including sports and cultural activities, which is recognised as such within Europe and worldwide,
  • a school that models sustainability,
  • an establishment where teachers, students and parents can feel supported by fellow nationals whilst being supported to integrate into the local community,
  • an establishment that welcomes and invites the local community to share the international experience,
  • a school that the local and regional business communities are proud of and can rely upon to support the expatriate families, of all nationalities, that come into the region,
  • a positive factor in the decision for economic investments so that it leads to strengthening the competitiveness of Brainport and the city of Eindhoven,
  • a major contributing factor for international knowledge workers to choose this region for relocation.
streep 30 (schoolgids) Education
The Secondary School is an IB World School and runs the Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP).  These curricula are designed for international students and offers a rigorous high academic and personalised programme, with an aim to develop globally-minded citizens.

Importance of ISE for the Eindhoven Region
As a top technology region, it is essential to be attractive for international expatriates.  The International School Eindhoven fulfils some important needs.  We see our role as a support to the region to attract and retain a highly educated workforce.  As well as excellent education, we provide many activities and events to support students and parents alike in their transition to this region.  

Personal Attention
We are proud to be able to offer excellent facilities, small classes and a highly qualified international faculty.  Our student body is made up of a large mixture of cultures and nationalities which helps to ensure that students settle in quickly   We develop each child’s unique skills to give a sense of other cultures without reducing their own cultural identity.  We want to help each child to become a confident world citizen who feels able to make a difference in their own and others’ futures.  We believe in the importance of building a strong relationship with our parent body to support us in educating our students.

Thank you for choosing our school.

Introduction Marcella Watts

Ms Marcella Watts
Head of Secondary

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International School Eindhoven
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Primary School
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Secondary School
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