After School Sports

The ISE after school activities program allows students to grow and develop as individuals as well as athletes. Students develop their physical skills and the life skills of self-discipline, goal-setting, teamwork and sportmanship.

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The after school activities program has three different approaches:

1. Team Sports
2. After school Sports
3. Extra curricular activities

For Team sports the students play different games and tournaments against other schools in Europe.
They learn about responsibility, independence, and how to be a great host and a gracious guest. Being part of a sports team is a wonderful way for students to participate, make friends and broaden their horizons.

Our school offers a wide program of sporting and cultural activities. The aim is to develop the students as individuals, enrich their learning experience and widen their horizons and develop their teamwork abilities. They can choose from a wide variety of activities. These different activities are divided in After school Sports and Extra curricular activities.

See you all after school.

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